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Do you eat cereal...but hate when it gets soggy?

Obol solves the problem of soggy cereal...watch. 

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Cereal lovers agree...Obol is the perfect bowl. You control the crunch, everybite is just the way you like it.

"I gurantee you will love my Obol. Read the customer reviews to learn why over 150,000 cereal lovers now use Obol" - Michael Roberts, inventor

ABC News - "It's the champion of breakfast bowls"

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Stop wasting money pouring out soggy cereal.

You can buy direct from my factory in California


"Take advantage of my offer before it ends to get those perfect Christmas gifts.

Believe me, kids love their Obol, big kids too. I use mine everyday" - Michael

This offer is not available in stores.

Get your Obol today


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